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Lowell Davis Collectors Exchange

Lowell Davis Figurines for Sale

If you are interested in any of the items listed below, please contact Lowell Davis Collectors for more details or to make an offer. Please indicate the Collectors Exchange ID #'s of the items that you are interested in.


Collectors Exchange ID # Manufacturer Item # Title Condition Original Box Asking Price Comments
2010-07-18-01 227130 Don't Forget Me New Yes $10.00  
2010-07-18-02 92055 Garden Toad New Yes $5.00  
2010-07-18-03 96001 A Gift for You New Yes $6.00  
2010-07-18-04 96002 Proud Papa New Yes $40.00  
2010-07-18-05 96099 Sunnyside Up New Yes $10.00  
2010-07-18-06 97006 Lowell Davis Farm Club Sign New Yes $15.00