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Lowell Davis Collection for Sale

Collectors Exchange ID # 2010-08-29-01

Sold November 2010


A collector is offering this entire collection for sale as a single lot for a firm price of $2,000 plus shipping. All Mint condition.

Please contact Lowell Davis Collectors for more details or if you would like to purchase.


Manufacturer Item # Title Comments
Ltd Edition Figurines    
225-275 Feelin' His Oats No certificate (Showroom sample)
225-337 Two In A Bush Original FOX FIRE FARM box not in the best if shape
223-555 Country Christmas 1988  
223-553 Christmas at Red Oak  
225-370 The Honeymoon's Over  
225-802 The Old Home Place  
223-557 Wintering Deer  
225-336 Hog Heaven  
225-600 Just Check The Air Serial #1 w/pc of Route 66 cement in acrylic
225-340 Tribute To Hooker Certificate signed by Lowell Davis
223-552 Country Christmas 1985 #350 of 2,500. Includes certificate.
223-556 Peter And The Wren  
225-514 Christopher Critter  
223-554 Blossom's Gift  
223-559 Born On A Starry Night  
223-602 From A Friend To A Friend Signed by Lowell "To Ed from your Missouri Friend"
NO sku # Church Ltd. Ed of 300. No sku #'s assigned. No certificate.
223-603 What Rat Race?  
225-331 Stirring Up Trouble  
223-606 Country Christmas 1993 No certificate
225-316 No Private Time Artist Proof #3 - no certification
225-370 The Honeymoons Over  
225-345 Piggin' Out  
225-338 Chicken Thief Artist Proof #1 - no wooden base
OHI-088 Silent Night No certificate
OHI-089 Presents For Uncle Remus' No certificate
OHI-090 Courtin' Miss Dixie No certificate
224-018 The Critics  
224-217 Country School  
224-216 Country Wedding  
NO sku # Blossom's Gift No edition size on plate
224-215 General Store Artist proof #1
Dealer Counter Signs    
888-907 Fox Fire Farm  
225-302 Mr. Lowell's Farm  
Non Limited Edition Figurines    
225-602 Little Bit Of Shade  
225-301 The Last Straw  
225-290 Leftovers  
225-221 Scallawags  
225-288 New Friends  
227-565 Trick Or Treat  
225-263 Mail Order Bride  
225-212 Under The Weather  
223-626 Sunday Afternoon Treatk   
225-271 The Orphans  
225-260 Sawin' Logs  
225--968 Hen Scratch  
225-383 Feathering Her Nest  
225-258 Don't Play with Your Food  
225-292 Mother Hen  
225-217 Rooted Out  
225-277 Mama?  
225-607 Summer Days  
225-232 Womans Work  
225-518 Wolf In Sheeps Clothing Painted at a promotion and personalized to collector
In-Store Promotional Piece    
225-512 Leavin' The Rat Race  
Tour Figurines    
225-969 Leapin' Lizard  
227-130 Don't Forget Me  
Club Figurines    
221-001 The Bride Original Fox Fire Farm box not in the best of shape
221-002 The Party's Over  
221-003 Chow Time  
221-004 Can't Wait  
221-005 Pit Stop  
221-006 Arrival Of Stanley  
221-006 Arrival Of Stanley  
221-007 Don't Pick The Flowers  
221-008 Hog Wild  
221-009 The Check Is In The Mail  
Membership Figurines    
892-050 Thirsty  
892-050 Thirsty  
892-050 Thirsty  
892-051 Cackleberries  
892-052 Ice Cream Churn  
892-053 Not A Sharing Soul  
892-054 New Arrival  
892-055 Garden Toad  
Very Unique Pieces    
223-015 Self Portrait Lithograph Lowell drew a remark in the right bottom corner
It's signed and professionally matted and framed.
225-263 Mail Order Bride Painted for me at a promotion using entirely different
colors from the original.  "One of a kind"

Also included in this collection are several miscellaneous Christmas porcelain figurines,
10 porcelain Christmas ornaments, 3 Lowell Davis VHS videos, a set of 24 Lowell Davis post cards,
1 Lowell Davis corn cob pipe, Lowell's hard bound Book of Chickens,
a notebook of the stories behind each figurine, 3 spiral bound collectors guides,
and an album of photo's taken at Red Oak II, Missouri