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Lowell Davis Collectors Exchange

The Lowell Davis Collectors Exchange is a no cost service to Lowell Davis collectors in which collectors can list Lowell Davis art and collectible items that they would like to sell or purchase. For privacy and security reasons, we do not list the names of the collectors making the listings. In the event that someone is interested in a piece or in an entire collection, they contact Lowell Davis Collectors and we check with the collector who made the listing to see if they are interested in the offer. If they are, we connect the seller and buyer to sort out the transaction. The Lowell Davis Collectors Exchange does not have any financial liability in the transaction which is solely between the buyer and seller.

If you have any items that you would like to list for sale or if you are looking for a item to add to your collection, please contact Lowell Davis Collectors to get them listed.

Use the link below to check out the current listings:

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Schmid Plates for Sale

Lowell Davis Collection for Sale Sold November 2010

Red Oak II Series for Sale Sold November 2013